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About PureWild Fund

Combined hands-on experience of more than



PureWild Fund was founded by a group of committed voluntary wildlife conservationists with combined hands-on experience of more than 120 years. Their vision is to position themselves as a conservation fund that is future-fit, relevant and malleable enough to adapt to the ever-changing economic and environmental landscape in Africa, whilst maintaining a position of honesty and credibility.

PureWild Fund is a vehicle created to launch and implement major conservation projects aimed at meeting a singular challenge. The first being to raise USD10 million for the Rhino Refuge Project. Funds will be allocated to critical rhino refuge initiatives/projects to stop wildlife crime and the senseless slaughtering of rhinos in South Africa – an honest, alternative African conservation fund, focused on securing Southern Africa’s natural heritage with a long-term goal to address similar challenges going forward.  

Board Of Directors 

John Turner - Chairman

John Turner - Chairman

John previously operated within the retail oil industry and the financial/property industries for the past 40 years, primarily identifying and developing retail service stations. John is owner of a property holding company including the 4-star Bushveld Terrace Hotel on Kruger situated at the Phalaborwa Gate to Kruger National Park which is family owned and operated.

John has been a member of the SANParks Honorary Rangers since 1992 and Chairperson of the Conservation Services National Project for the past 19 years. The Conservation Services Unit is responsible for Ranger Support, Veterinary Wildlife Services and Counter Poaching in all our National Parks. 

Janssen Davies

Janssen Davies

As former Group CEO of the Sage Group, Janssen spent 36 years with the Sage Group in various capacities. He serves on the advisory board of the Wits Business School and is a Founding member of the committee of the Long-Term Insurance Ombudsman. He is chairman and director of several company boards in South Africa.

Janssen is previous Chairman of the National Executive Committee of the SANParks Honorary Rangers and previous Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA).  


Steven Botha (Snowy)

Snowy is a retired Employee Relations Manager having worked for dairy giant Clover for 25 years. He still practices part time as an Employee Relations Consultant.

Snowy has been a SANParks Honorary Ranger for the past 21 years and is presently the Vice Chairperson of Conservation Services. He is the Vice Chairperson of SANParks Honorary Ranger West Rand Region and has also been a member of the Game Rangers Association of Africa for the past 17 years. 

Kenneth John Schmidt

Kenneth John Schmidt

Ken qualified as veterinarian at University of Pretoria in 1981. He joined a private veterinary practise in Bedfordview in 1981 and has worked as a partner in the practise since 1985.

Ken has been a SANParks Honorary Rangers for 21 years and currently holds the position of treasurer of Conservation Services National Project.  

Willem Jansen van Rensburg

Willem Jansen van Rensburg

Willem is the Group Legal Advisor and Serves as Executive Director for a JSE listed Property Fund. He practises as an Associate with Du Toit-Smuts & Partners Attorneys in Nelspruit and specialises in corporate and commercial law, and civil litigation.

Prior to this Willem practised law for 20 years with van Rensburgs Attorneys. He holds BA(Law) and B.Proc degrees from the University of Johannesburg and has been an active member of the legal community for over 25 years.

Willem has been a SANParks Honorary Ranger for the past 18 years and is presently serving on the SHR Conservation Services National Project committee. He is also serving as Chairperson Bush Camps National. 


Our Projects


Rhino Refuge Project 


South Africa has nearly 80% of the world’s rhinos and has been the country hit hardest by poachers of rhino horn with more than 1,000 rhinos killed each year between 2013 and 2017.
Earlier this year the South African Department of Environmental Affairs released the 2018 poaching numbers that showed a 10% decrease in the number of rhinos killed in South Africa, largely due to a decrease of poaching in the Kruger National Park.
This is good news but does not mean rhinos are safe. On the contrary, killings in the rest of the country increased significantly. It shows at least two rhinos were killed each day in 2018.

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Thank you for your support.

Your donation to the Rhino Refuge Project will help prevent wildlife crime and the senseless slaughtering of rhinos in South Africa, setting an example to many a much needed commitment to the future survival of this magnificent and much treasured species in Africa. 

Where donations go?

Funds will be allocated to early detection and immediate response initiatives and projects where state-of-the-art technology is used to prevent wildlife crime and the senseless slaughtering of at least two rhinos in South Africa every day.

An example is to arm fences that protect vulnerable rhino populations. The deployment of technology will enable rangers to detect human incursion early and to respond immediately with a well-trained ground force to apprehend poachers and, most importantly, save a rhino.
Other effective high-tech measures to receive funding include:

  • Big Game fences equipped/armed with technology that enable early detection and immediate response to intrusions
  • Thermal energy detection technology for recognising distant objects in the dark
  • Custom-made telecommunication systems and
  • Radar equipment

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